Amanda and Tom

July 23, 2011, at Immaculate Conception and Bear Hill Country Club

It was a hot day (99 outside the church, air-conditioned inside), but the bride and groom looked cool all day. The prep was at the bride's sister's apartment (air-conditioned), the ceremony at Immaculate Conception church, and the reception at the lovely Bear Hill country club. Formals were done on a putting green behind the club, overlooking the golf course.

Late in the evening, the bride and groom looked like this:

But early in the day, the bride struggled to get the dress on over her head:

And finally had to step into it:

Then shoes:


A high-five:

We're good to go:

And it's party time:

I took a few more at the prep location, and then moved on to meet the groom at the church. Here are a few shots from the rest of the day:

Wow, that was fun!