Angie and Matt

November 6, 2010, at Saint Monica's Church and the Pelham Inn

The prep was at the home of the bride's parents, with good weather, so we did the pre-ceremony formals outdoors, in good light. Then we were off to the church, where I noticed the groom peeking out to see how things were going. The church was quite wide, so the ultra-wide 14-24mm lens came into use. And after a beautiful ceremony, we went on to the Pelham Inn for the reception. They had a lit-up gazebo on the back lawn, for nightime shooting (my favorite shot of the day). The reception room had ceiling lights of various colors, red, yellow, green, and between those and the videographer lights going on and off, the colors were constantly changing. This was my last wedding of the season, and a really good one to end on. I enjoyed myself (as usual), and got really good shots. A highly successful wedding, and congratulations to all!