Crystal and Mike

May, 2011, at St. James Church, Ropes Mansion gardens, and the Hawthorne Hotel

I was the second shooter for this wedding, so I started by meeting the groom (and all 10 groomsmen) in the tavern of the Hawthorne Hotel. Lots of pictures later, the bride appeared at the church (with all 10 bridesmaids). Then, an emotional deep breath, and a walk down the aisle. The church was beautiful, the bride gorgeous, the groom handsome, and the rain held off - it was perfect. After the ceremony, formals at the gardens of the Ropes Mansion, and then a really fun ride on the trolley, with music, light show, champagne (well, not for me), and a reception at the Hawthorne Hotel. Speeches, dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and a quick visit to the gazebo in the park next door - it was a long, terrific evening with lots of fun and lots of pictures!