Irma and Bryan

June 19, at the Charles Hotel

The prep, ceremony, and reception were at the Charles Hotel, in Cambridge, under a strong sun in a cloudless sky. The formals were two blocks down, at J.F. Kennedy Park, by the Charles River. I liked all the vary-colored lights at the reception. About halfway through the evening, someone turned the lights completely off, and the room was lit only by the colored uplights, and the videographer's video light. It was a very interesting "nightclub" look. The food was fantastic - huge filet mignons cooked perfectly, with a delicious sauce over mashed potatoes, asparagus, and baby carrots (that's the one I had - the grilled balsamic chicken with sun-dried cherry demi glaze and herb risotto cake looked delicious also). It was a great wedding; congratulations to Irma and Bryan, and their families!