Katie and Rob

September 24, 2011 at the Anisquam Yacht Club

It rained the day before, it rained the day after, but the wedding day was sunny and bright! The bride got dressed at her parents house, about a quarter mile from the Yacht Club. We stopped during the walk, to take a few pictures on the bridge, then completed the walk to the Club, and eventually to the back porch and docks, for the ceremony followed by the formals. Then dinner and dancing to a live band. It was loads of fun!

The Club:

The dress:

The shoes:

The flower-girls:

This is the very talented dress-maker (a little camera-shy):

And this is a better view of the train:

At last, a close-up of the bride:

Mom is from Britain, and Dad from the USA, so they have flags on the front porch:

We walked to the bridge:

And a couple of shots on the bridge:

And we continued to walk (that's Mom in the background):

A little peeking before walking down the "aisle":

Dad is the officiant, so Mom does the walking duty:

A wonderful last dance for the Bride and Groom brings an end to a delightful day!