Maribeth and Ray

September 3, 2011 at the Elks at Bass Rocks

Another bright, sunny day (what a great summer this has been)! Exactly what was needed for formals on the rocks, with crashing waves in the background! The prep, ceremony and reception were all at the Elks at Bass Rocks, and the cooperation of the weather allowed an outdoor ceremony and outdoor formals. I can't resist showing the photos out of order:

Each of my two favorite shots of the day show the bride and groom, the first outdoors, the second indoors:

But first, we started with the dress:

Followed by an emotional Dad:

And then we're into the day, and the rest of the photos are in order of occurrence:

The groom carried the bride over the rocks, and the bridesmaids followed, on their own, in high heels......

Father-daughter dance:

Mother-son dance:

Greek circle dance:

Irish step dance:

A two-handed grab of the bouquet:

A couple of special effects shots:

Bride and groom hamming it up for the photographer's benefit:

And a late-night high-five sums up a terrific wedding!