Melissa and Matt

May 14, 2011, at the Hawthorne Hotel

It was perfect weather for a wedding - a little overcast, so we didn't have to deal with squinting into the sun, but the rain held off until the next day. The lighting in the hotel was quite varied, with lots of yellows and pinks, and a few greens, so there was quite a marked contrast between flash shots and available light shots. I included one shot with each "look" in many of the settings below. The DJ, "Rolling Rick" had the place jumping, and everyone had a blast dancing. The meal featured a roasted sliced tenderloin of beef, cooked to a perfect medium rare, that was cut-with-a-fork tender, and flavorfully delicious! There were lots of interesting things to photograph, although I admit I had a hard time taking the camera away from the bride and groom. This was another fun wedding for me, and everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously also!