Minne and John

July 3, 2011, at the Crane Estate at Castle Hill

We had enough light in the early part of the afternoon so we could get some infrared shots, but the good times didn't last. Minne and John met before the ceremony, so we could do most of the formals early, and we were, in fact, able to get the bridal party and family formals done on the "Grand Allee". Then, we went off to photograph the bride and groom at various locations. I looked at the time index on the photos later, and from the first shot of the bride and groom, to the last shot before it began to rain and we headed back, it was just 9 minutes. But, we did get a lot done in that short time. Then, a great meal, toasts, and lots of outdoor dancing (the rain had stopped), as it gradually got darker. It was a fun, great wedding!