Noelle and Mark

June 18, at the Andover Country Club

The ceremony was at Immaculate Conception in Everett. The rear doors were left open to the blindingly bright sunlight, giving a gorgeous, ethereal effect as people entered and exited. Then on to the Andover Country Club for formals and the reception. We made it into the garden, and the rain started before we could take a single shot. So, we moved to the back veranda, and did the formals overlooking beautiful views of the golf course. The groom carried the bride into the reception, and danced with her literally in his arms for a while before her feet ever touched the floor. There were toasts (the priest who performed the ceremony, maid of honor and best man), and lots of dancing. The rain had long since stopped, so we were able to finish the evening with a shot in front of the entrance. It was a great day and evening!